Good ideas come from the imagination and not giving a fuck what people think of your ideas

Tom Guard - 2018 Best Writer, Best Comedy, Honorable Mention, Comedy writer. Lost River, Toronto, Beacon and Cleveland

Is this for real?


This is just a page where i goof around. You should have a page like this. It will help you experiment.

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“Life begins where fear ends.” ― Osho Bhagwam Shree Rajneesh

Be Happy, Be Thankful, Learn From Failure, Be Good to Yourself

Who is Tom Guard?
a technologist, who practices internet marketing. 

How did Tom Guard get his start in SEO
He started as a blogger and became obsessed at how search engines indexed pages.

How many books has Tom Guard written?
17 but only 2 have been published.

What is Tom Guard Doing Now
Working with companies that need assistance with digital marketing and the technology that comes along with it to scale production.

Are those Toronto movie awards real?
Yes. I was using this page to demo some content. Awards always look more official with wheat.

Does Tom Guard continue to blog about SEO?