About The Dude


Who is Tom Guard?

I'm an out of the box internet marketer.

From national brands to local storefronts, my objective is to increase your business using my craft.

More customers, more phone calls, more email leads... It's what every business wants. I'm constantly new methods in web optimization, local optimization and social traffic generation. Whether it's incentivized lead generation or contest marketing, I've done it. Some internet marketing companies do the same thing over and over without updating technique. What used to work yesterday may not work today. I eat, breath, sleep and ....well you know.

Roll the dice, reach out. Let's chat. I want to know more about your industry, your business, and your previous digital marketing experience
Dedicated - 99% of the time. Need consulting? - Contact me.

30% of my craft is researching and testing.
How do you know it works? - Because everything I do, I have done or am doing on my own websites. Researching your market - I love digging deep into different markets to see what influences people. Google may know what you are searching but Facebook data knows what you like.


a professional.


I'm 2008, Tom Guard started his first blog. He had no niche, no subject, he just started writing about anything that popped into his head. When he noticed he didn't seem to have many visitors to he website, he dove deep into the world of Search Engine Optimization. Learning and understanding Google's rules, guidelines and algorithm updates, Tom started building website that promoted products for a commission, his sites were competing nationally and ranking higher than the company that paid him commission on each sale.

It wasn't long before Tom had 150 websites and was generating 1000's in commissions. However, relying too heavily on Google's algorithm for income, everything came to halt during the Panda and Penguin update. Tom's top websites went from #1 to #50 in one day. Learning from this, Tom learned how to diversify his internet marketing using social media, Facebook Advertising and refined optimization program.


Will be a micro local year in search. - My prediction. - Tom Guard