Information on Tom Guard

Who is Tom Guard?
A native Clevelander and diehard Browns fan, Tom is absorbed in the world wide web. Starting out as a blogger, he wanted to know how to get traffic to his website from search engines. The rest is history.
Where does Tom Guard live?
Tom Guard lives in Palm Beach County Florida.
What does Tom Guard do?
Tom Guard is an internet marketer, with a specific practice in search engine optimization.
Where does Tom Guard work?
Tom Guard is contracted by businesses, municipalities and individuals looking to market their products, services or reputation online.
What about Tom Guard's Social Media
As an early adopter of social media marketing, Tom is known to take lead generation to the next level. His tactics are not for the weak. He works with open-minded companies that want to get talked about even if it means being a little controversial.
Tom Guard's Education
Tom Guard went to Kent State University and Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio. He studied Advertising, Psychology and mass communication. But the skills he uses now weren't taught in colleges at the time.